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26 October 2021 - 28 October 2021
EMP-E 2021: Re-Energising Sustainable Transitions in Europe

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EMP-E 2021 Conference:
Re-Energising Sustainable Transitions in Europe

Energy System Modelling, Methods & Results to support the European Green Deal

The annual EMP-E conference brings together Europe’s energy modelling community over a three-day period in a forum for deep exchange of research and modelling practice and varied discussions. The event will feature a balanced mix of high-level panel discussions and interactive workshop sessions to enable a peer-reviewed digest of models and policy insights for the transformation of the European energy system. The EMP-E 2021 conference will be a forum for exchange among researchers and modelling teams from across Europe; from H2020 projects, representatives of the European Commission as well as partners from industry and civil society.

EMP-E was created in 2017 and has since been organised on a yearly basis by the H2020 Energy Modelling group – a group of projects funded by the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Programme. This year, the event is coordinated by SENTINEL – the Sustainable Energy Transitions  Laboratory, with support of NAVIGATE, SPINE, WHY, OpenENTRANCE, AURES, PLANET, Plan4RES and MAGNITUDE.

Days and themes

  • Day 1: Policies and Targets: Targets for 2030 and 2050, COP26, biodiversity and environment policies and aiding post COVID recovery
  • Day 2: Linking Sectors and Technologies: The building sector, smartness of energy systems, digital input and technological diffusion 
  • Day 3: Modelling-specific issues: How to promote better transparency, collaboration across modelling teams, how to capture (model) social and behavioural change

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